"Expo Turizme 365" more than 100 subjects and about 30 "hosted byers" friends for three days in Expocity Albania

The week that just ended belonged to all tourism in Albania. A week that started with the International Tourism Forum "FESTA" which was held from April 3 to 5 and continued until closing with the 5th edition of the International Tourism Fair "Expo Tourism 2023" by Expocity Albania in collaboration. with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Municipality of Tirana.

Under the motto "Albania as a tourist destination during 365 days" and with the well-known countries such as Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Armenia, Greece, Turkey, England, Poland, Austria, Germany, Norway, Holland and Bulgaria "Expo Turizm 365" with more than 100 exhibiting entities and about 30 foreign tour operators as "hosted buyers", Buy Albania and the region as a destination, turned into a unique communication platform for the tourism sector, with a focus on information exchange. valuable for the future and this may be visible in the function of the promotion of Albania.

In this "Expo Turism 2023" fair, See Albania Ltd was also present, which is open for its platform to the businesses that were present at the fair.

The key to the success of a platform is its promotion on various and even relevant social networks for the sector. In this sense, the launch of our platform (See Albania) at the tourism fair of this site by Expocity is a very big step. At the fair we had these reports of the platform and the creation of connections with other businesses in tourism. With the presentation of our platform at the fair, we managed to do business in the field of tourism.